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About the PS2/Wii video game and its NDS sequel that butcher Japanese mythology in such an adorable and artistic fashion.

brezifus asked: I can no longer find the ask but I think I figured out what the kanji (and yeah it's kanji) on the doors leading up to Queen Himiko say--and I honestly think they say "Himiko". After the battle with Evil Rao there are paintings of Himiko in the crystal ball and the appropriate label next to her are kanji that are very very similar to the symbols on the last three doors leading to her. I just played that part of the game and noticed the similarities at least...


I recently noticed that one of the characters looks like “yobu” (呼), which is apparently also the last character in Himiko, so… you might be right :o


Role reversal doodles.


Guys just to clarify, Amaterasu did not turn into Shiranui at the end of Okami.  She instead fully restored herself, having regained all her powers again and with the help of Issun, got the support of the people. In other words, she regained her form.

Shiranui was just a name given to Ammy by the people of Kamiki Village - if you are going with the original Okami explanation. English version Okamiden royally messed up by making Shiranui a separate being, and even further, Chibiterasu’s grandfather »

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Happy 8th anniversary Okami!

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm not sure if that's the right place for asking it, but currently I'm researching Ōkami stuff and there's one thing makes me going crazy: What's the meaning of the asian characters on the 'doors' to Queen Himiko's throne room? Do they have a meaning at all? I've searched almost everywhere and still can't figure it out. Can you help me, please?

I… can’t speak Japanese beyond recognizing some kana, so I wouldn’t know. Hopefully someone reading this could answer, or maybe you might try and ask at okamimythology as she does speaks quite a bit and this seems to be her area.

I also guess it’s harder to research those because they’re old calligraphy? Older handwritten kanji are much harder to read than modern printed ones.

Edit: Now that I’m looking at the doors, particularly at the second one, they don’t seem Japanese or fitting any kanji/Chinese character radicals. Maybe I am wrong, though they look kinda curvy. Could it be something like sanskrit? Buddhist symbols? Part of a mantra? No fucking clue.


Happy eighth anniversary, Okami!


drawing minor okami characters goddamn i love Tuskle


Amaterasu <3


Old Okami drawing


Old Okami drawing

Okami - Hana Valley

Okami - Hana Valley

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